(Ongoing) Syllabus of Readings…

(upcoming) Syllabus TEXT #5:

“Confronting racism is not about the needs and feelings of white people” by Ijeoma Oluo. 

Syllabus TEXT #4:

“How do we Language so People Stop Killing Each Other, Or What Do We Do about White Language Supremacy?”

2019 4C’s Keynote Address by Asao B. Inoue

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2017 4C’s address; courtesy of Asao Inoue’s blog, “Infrequent Words”











Syllabus TEXT #3:  Please join us in adding to the hands-on activity we did with participants at the USF Adjuncts Rhetoric Conference on March 2, 2019- we invite you to take a few minutes to add annotations to Langston Hughes’ Theme for English B, an important text and great way to add poetry from the Harlem Renaissance to your Composition course.

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Syllabus TEXT #2:  CLICK below to access the shorter reading for February. Go to the Home Page for detailed instructions on how to join the annotation party.



Syllabus TEXT #1: CLICK below to access the full book. We invite you to select chapters, focus on our annotations first, or use this space to collaborate in any way that helps you transform the way you (and your students) assess their writing…




Margin Note from Dan:  As the SFSU Marginal Syllabus evolves, we would like to frame this space as an open resource for collaboration, rather than a strict schedule of readings. Please contribute as your time, interest, curiosity, and passion allow, and learn from others in the process.  

We also encourage folks from other departments and campuses to start their own Marginal Syllabus, suggest readings for us, or collaborate in any other way. The structure is open, fluid, and flexible, to create space for lots of cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning.

Stay tuned via this site!  For now, we invite you to read Inoue with us. Consider the marginal syllabus as a discussion forum for radical pedagogy; a new way to collaborate amongst adjuncts; and a professional support group for social justice-oriented teachers!!!