Syllabus Reading #4

Welcome! We invite you to read Asao B. Inoue’s 2019 4C’s Keynote Address, “How Do We Language So People Stop Killing Each Other, Or What Do We Do About White Language Supremacy?”… with us!

Image result for picture of asao b. inoue speaking
2017 4C’s address; courtesy of Asao Inoue’s blog, “Infrequent Words”

As with all readings on the SFSU Marginal Syllabus, at minimum this is an open resource for your ‘un’learning, considerations for your classroom pedagogy, and transformations in your teaching. At its greatest potential, the Marginal Syllabus is here to facilitate our collaboration of ideas, questions, and best practices. As we read the latest words from Asao B. Inoue, and his call to unlearn racist structures and behaviors of which we are a part…don’t read this alone! Join the discussion in the margins, using! Read some of your colleagues’ thoughts; leave a few thoughts of your own- or leave one single annotation or thought about the entire text. This collaboration is open!

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Step 3. Link to the TEXT here (or CLICK on Asao B. Inoue speaking above): 

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Step 5: Click ‘Public’ and pull down to SFSUMarginalSyllabus. Then annotate, reply, tag keywords, …collaborate and dialogue in the margins!




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