Syllabus Reading #3

“Hands On with” activity for March 2 at USF Adjuncts Rhetoric Conference AND Text for March 2019

We invite you to join us in a “social reading” of Theme for English B by Langston Hughes.

Step 1: Sign up with! CLICK HERE.  Then click “Get Started.” You will get an email verification to authenticate your free account.

Step 2: JOIN our group!  CLICK HERE to join the SFSUMarginalSyllabus group.

*Note: you only have to Sign up and join our group ONCE.

Step 3. Link to the TEXT here (or CLICK the Book Image below): 

Step 4.  Log in.

Step 5: Click ‘Public’ and pull down to SFSUMarginalSyllabus. Then annotate, reply, tag keywords, …collaborate and dialogue in the margins!

Our Guiding Question for the Reading: 

How can you use this poem to promote anti-racist and inclusive teaching practices in your writing classroom?


For the March 2 activity at USF Adjunct’s Conference:  Log in with

Username: USF2March

password: bananas


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