Syllabus Reading #2

We invite you to join us in a “social reading” of the first 7 pages of the conclusion to Writing Assessment, Social Justice, and the Advancement of Opportunity (from page to 379-386).

Step 1: Sign up with! CLICK HERE.  Then click “Get Started.” You will get an email verification to authenticate your free account.

Step 2: JOIN our group!  CLICK HERE to join the SFSUMarginalSyllabus group.

Step 3. Link to the TEXT here (or CLICK the Book Image below): 

Step 4.  Log in.

Step 5: Click ‘Public’ and pull down to SFSUMarginalSyllabus. Then annotate, reply, tag keywords, …collaborate and dialogue in the margins!

writing assessment:opportunity

pull down







Our GUIDING QUESTION for the reading:

How can we use this text to help us redistribute ‘power’ and ‘privilege’ in our classroom ecologies?

February’s reading is the concluding chapter to the edited collection above, and gives a compelling and passionate “call to action” based on “Eighteen Assertions on Writing Assessment with Commentary” from each author in the collection.

Feel free to continue reading the rest of the chapter beyond our 7-page “social reading.”



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